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What's up with Yahoo doing all of their maintenance during peak hours?

I'll never understand why they do this. Every high-traffic game or website I've ever used does it all in the middle of the night. What's up with these guys?


qat -- yeah, but I'm pretty sure Yahoo! would try to appeal to their American clientele, seeing as its an american based company, rather than worry about screwing up peak time in China. Duh.

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    Is it possible that they're idiots?

    That's my guess.

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    You say, "hours", I've had problems for days. I get pop up errors, "this page cannot be displayed", errors "5", "14", "15", and molasses-like slowness trying to open email and go from one place to another. I thought it might be me, or my computer since I had downloaded some updates, but I have a Gmail account, and get emails in Google, and it just zips through those with no problems, so that pretty much indicates that it's Yahoo. I have noticed in the past that it is usually a graphics thing. When it gets back to "normal", you will notice new page layouts, or new graphics. I did notice this morning there is a trailer running for a new action movie, and it takes ages for that thing to download before you can even access the mail. I think most people just want a dependable site without all the extra bells and whistles.

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    Have you never think than middle of the night for you can be the peak hours for other countries, etc?

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  • Maybe suspending accounts for no reason is just not enough for them. They go that extra mile just to piss everyone off. And odds are they're complete idiots.

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    yahoo is controlled, run, and maintained by imbeciles

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