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how can be the outline of the text on desktop be removed?

From a few days my computer is showing a blue background around the text field on the desktop which makes the wallpaper look untidy plz help me to remove this

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    1 decade ago
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    the esiest way is to change theme

    1 > right click on desktop

    2 > to the properties

    3 > now to the theme and just change it to your favoruite if you are running XP it will show option of classic (this will make you look like previos windows faster but not very pretty) also you can choose for win XP theme

    other mathod is

    1 >

    2 >

    3 >instead going to theme go to appereance

    4 >now to advance

    5 > "item" tab

    6 > choose "window"

    7 > cahange colour to black and white

    hope thats the answer of you question

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