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Which is better and safe? Hard anodized cookware or Titanium? Which brand would you recommend?

Is Circulon a good brand?

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    It depends on what you want. A frying pan?

    The anodized will be cheaper, but I'm guessing the Titanium series is gonna be stainless steel. Steel is heavier, which means better heat distribution. But its also pricier.

    So it depends on your budget.

    And yes, Circulon is a pretty good brand. You don't need the fancy "Food Network" brand, they are just overpriced for a semi-decent pan.

    My preference would be a Circulon Titanium series stainless steel pan, 9 inches, with a good lip on the edge.

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    The Pampered Chef sells Hard Anodized cookware with Titanium Alloy! It's professional quality and guaranteed for life!

    If you're in Canada, I can give you more information.

    If you're in the US you can go to

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    I have Lagostina with glass lids (I like to watch my food cook) and I love them. Very easy to clean. Rachel Ray also has a good line of cookware but more expensive. Lagostina is open stock so you can just buy what you need to get started.

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