Who will Be the better "big 3" this upcoming season?

jesus shuttles worth, the truth, big ticket or t-mac, yao, and QB's finest?

(pending everyone can stay healthy).


who ever adds their own "3" for this question is a Douche lol. i'm talking about boston and houstons 3.

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    houston watch artest tmac and yao go at it next year freakin beasts and they will stop the celtics big time.

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    So here would be the matchup:

    Ray Allen vs T-Mac - Allen has better shot on the outside while T-Mac has better athletecism. Since Allen had that horrible slump, I'd say T-Mac would win.

    Pierce vs. Artest - Artest is more known as a great defender, but Pierce is also a good defender too. Pierce has a slight edge over Artest offensively because Pierce can score better. This is a tossup.

    Garnett vs. Yao - Although this isn't the real matchup, I'm goin to put my input. Both are incredible defenders, but I think Garnett has an edge offensively due to his quickness and his mid-range shot. Yao is a better shot blocker and he's much taller, but he's very slow compared to Garnett. I'd take Garnett over Yao.

    if you include chemistry, the Celts win in that part. So I say if they played 3 vs 3, then I'd say Celts.

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    1 decade ago

    I think that Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce will be the better Big 3.

    I have much love for the Rockets, but the difference is that Ron Artest is not a reliable offensive threat like Boston's Big 3. We all know that Yao and T-Mac are tremendously capable scorers, able to match up against any other offensive guy in the league. But Boston has 3 guys who can go for 40 on any given night, and they've also had a year together and a championship.

    Artest's personality isn't exactly great. So while he's going to improve the Rockets tremendously, I don't think he'll make them more dangerous than the Celtics unless some serious team bonding occurs.

    That said, I do think Rockets are now top 3 in the West, along with Spurs and possibly Lakers/Hornets.

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    The Big 3 for houston is great but Yao and Tmac need to be healthy and Ron Artest should play basketball, stop getting in trouble, and focus on his basketball career, he can do his rap albums (or what ever else he does) that's what off season is for!

    Baron Davis does his alternate, and it never interferes with his game.

    so for me its stil gonna be the Boston Big 3. they have the most consistent Kevin Garnet who's rarely injured, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen , all three dont get in trouble nor are they injured half the time. but even if one of the three is out, the other 2 lead and find ways to win.

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    I'm a Lakers fan and I want to say Bynum, Gasol and Kobe. I also like the Wiz and Jazz Big Three of Arenas, Jamison and Butler. Williams, Boozer, Kirilenko. But, as for your question, No doubt. Houston. I really like the make-up of this years Houston Rockets team, Yao, McGrady, and Artest? The addition of Ron "True Warrior" Artest made me love the Rockets even more!

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    The Celtics "Big 3" are the one and only "Big 3". Unlike the Rockets who right now have a great center and two great SF's, the Celtics have the perfect miz between the 3 players. They have a shooter, a great balanced driving type player, and a big man. Unless the Rockets win a championship this year, there is no argument that the Celtics have the best "Big 3".

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    1 decade ago

    Miami, LA, Boston, Houston, Hornets, Spurs got big3

    We will see who is the best upcoming season

    Spurs big 3 are better see what they piled over the yrs

    Look at the history?

    Source(s): Answer my question its on basketball section if ur a NBA fan?
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    well lets see

    garnett is better than yao(in most areas)

    Pierce is better than artest( but i think artest can shut pierce down with his defense so artest wins)

    Tmac is better than allen

    So houstons big 3 has a slightt advantage but also the whole celtics defense is amazing. the Celtics have a better supporting team. so when they play each other it depends on the other players not the 3 main players, who wins

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    It has to be the Celtics 3. They are proven now. The Rockets 3 haven't even played together yet. Yao still has a lot to prove, and McGrady? Hmnn, better suited for playground ball. My gut tells me Houston isin't going to be all that much better than they were......

  • 1 decade ago

    kevin garnett,yao ming

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