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do you think i will get pregnant?

ok, so me and my husband were going to have sex in the car (it was his suggestion!) but then long story short, we didnt have any condoms (it was all my fault cos id left them in my bag at home) so we didnt have sex we just did everything but.

basically he came, and it got a bit messy. and he then fingered me, although he wiped his hands on a tissue, do you think theres a likely hood i could become pregnant? if so how much?is it just a really tiny chance, or like 50/50? or am i just being paranoid?

my period is due in 2 weeks, if that makes any difference.

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    it's possible you could get pregnant, no self-respecting adult says "cos"

    I think a better bet is, you're a teenage, or college kid at best, and you wanted to sound respectable so you say "husband" so people will ignore that you're having unmarried, unprotected sex, and the stigma that goes with it. Nobody says, "Fingered me" in civilized circles.

    and 14 days from your next period, you're ovulating RIGHT NOW....if the conditions were right, and the little swimmers had the wind against their backs, you're screwed.

    I'm going with teenager trying to look adult to get a serious answer.

    ..but yes, there's a chance you could get pregnant. Anytime semen touches something that will be going into your vaginal orifice you can get pregnant.

    ....AND if it is 14 days till your next period, that means it was 14 days since your last. You're ovulating, which means, if there was anything that got in there, you're screwed....better start learning to knit.

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    Of course it is possible. Anytime sperm is put into the vagina you can become pregnant. I don't know what the chances are but it is definately possible. Especially since it sounds like you are right in the middle of your cycle which means you are most fertile. Next time he needs to wash his hands first! With SOAP and WATER.

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