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Are you an EMPATH, if so then see if you can answer this question about relationships ?

I have a friend, who is in an abusive relationship. She met this guy, and moved in with him 30 days later. Then we could not be friends

again. He monitors her emails, and checks her cell phone numbers to

see who she calls. Things seemed to take a turn for the worse. She

is very depressed, and even started smoking again. Within that time,

she did contact me twice. First time she said she felt uncomfortable,

the second time she was in the middle of a fight with this man. I heard

some of it, and then he got on the phone, and yelled. DO NOT CALL

THIS NUMBER ANYMORE. That was on June 25th, which is the last

time I heard from my friend. Can you tell me what is going on, her feelings, emotions. Anything. How is she feeling about the situation

that she is in right now ?

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    She is an awfully needy, shy, person with very little self-respect for herself.

    She needs to get out of that situation fast, she feels like she deserves this treatment, that she's not worth anything more. She may actually enjoy it . . . equating pain, punishment with love. Perhaps her parents treated her rough, then felt guilty and showed affection.

    Bottom line is that this woman is going through some serious stuff, needs a REAL friend now.

    Good luck to BOTH of you.

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    From someone that has been in a bad relationship there are a number of reasons that this happens. First she might feel like she deserves it. That if she was doing things right he won’t get mad. Second it you cannot imagine how hard it is to escape especially when you live together. She might not see that there is a way out. If she has to rely on him for everything (i.e. she doesn’t work) then she might think there is nothing else she can do. Third that she can fix him that his anger is not his fault (i.e. his dad beat him) that she needs to help him. Fourth she might think that maybe it’s not as bad as it is that when its good it’s great and he rarely ever abuses me. She might be reasoning with herself and her safety. For whatever the reason that’s she’s with him she probably needs a friend now more than ever. To show her there is a way out and help her believe that she deserves better and someone to show her that she can get free.

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