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Wisdom Teeth out? ??? Ouch?

I'm 15 years old and I might have to go and have my wisdom teeth out :(

Whats it like?

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  • Wendy
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    To be honest, mine hurt badly the throbbing pain was the worse and my jaw was really sore, my husband has his out and he said it did not hurt not sure if he was trying to be big tough guy or not.. I was not knocked out I was just given shots to numb the area I wish I would have because I could hear the tooth being tore out..

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    Not fun... They knock you totally out, cut your teeth buds out, stitch you up, pack your jaw with gauze and send you home. You will be sore and have to eat soft food for several days at least but it is still way better than waiting until you are older and either 1) It hurts more because they are bigger 2) The roots tangle up in your sinuses and its a big problem or 3) The wisdom teeth come through and jack your other teeth up b/c there wasnt enough room for them.

    My advice is to do it - and remember that just because a blended up hamburger looks like dogfood, it doesnt taste like it!

    Source(s): Had mine out at 14... husband waited until he was 25.
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    You will usually have them out in hospital i did, they put me under anethetic which puts you to sleep and they yank them out.. you will be very sore and puffy for a couple of days but doctors will provide pain killers which will help with the pain..!! So yes it hurts but not for long and think of all the attention you will get from your parents and all the ice cream and yummy foods you can eat!

    Source(s): Experience
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    im 16 and i have wisdom teeth and im planning to never take them outtt

    Source(s): dont worry about it
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