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How difficult is the German subject.

My school has brought german fouring language in to our subjects of choice and I want to take it but first I want to know how difficult is it?

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    OMGSH!!! You should so0o take it. As long as you keep up with the work and study you'll be fine(has a few confusing parts)! My German teacher made learning the language so much fun and I hope you get to experience something the same. It's so worth the work and knowing German is so much more unique than learning Spanish or French. Please embrace this opportunity!

    Good luck!

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    It is dependent upon what you desire to gain, I wager. I reside within the Netherlands and the language there may be fairly very similar to German. I had 5 years of German in high school and I've been to Germany a number of occasions. Still I ought to say that it's obviously no longer an handy language to be taught. I will furnish that it could be lovely handy to be taught find out how to learn German whilst you're an English local speaker as plenty of the phrases are identical. And it isn't that elaborate to style a sentence that each and every German will realize. But to talk it CORRECTLY is an thoroughly one-of-a-kind topic. - German nonetheless makes use of a case method with four one-of-a-kind instances, which can be utilized in each and every unmarried sentence. - All the prepositions require the use one of the most instances - Many verbs are abnormal - The nouns have genders: they're both masculine, female or impartial and so on...

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    German has three genders, four cases and a very complex verb system, so I doubt it would be very easy to learn as a second language. If you aren't willing to put any effort into learning it, don't take German lessons. If you are, well then good luck!

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    I love the language and thought it was pretty easy to learn. Some of the vocab can be a bit challenging, but it is great. It is really fun to speak, too.

    Source(s): Took it in college.
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    the articles and the case system can be a bit confusing in the beginning but it's not that difficult...

    Source(s): studied german at uni
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