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What is good and healthy low calorie drink?

Yes, I know water is. But sometimes I want to drink something else. I don't want diet pop cause of all the harmful stuff in it. Are flavored waters ok? thanks

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    Apple juice or any pure fruit juice diluted with water

    Smoothies (but they're not low calorie)

    Herbal teas & fruit teas (0 calories)

    Flavoured waters are fine

    Diluted squash (sugarfree)

    If you want something milky, then use skimmed milk


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    V8 Splash Drinks come in Regular and Diet. Regular tastes much better and I don't think they are very high in calories. They can give you some of your days nutrition you need. You can choose like Fruit Splash, Berry Splash, Mango Splash, etc. and so far from the ones I drink, they are all good.

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    Fuze. They have low Calorie, Vitamin, and a few other kinds. I think there are over 10 flavors. My Grocery store sells them for about a dollar a piece beside the soda's. Here is their website

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    You can make your own with fruit (like at the spa). There is a recipe on how in this blog posting:

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    try water with cristal lite packs or the other drink mixes like them.

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    Lactofree milk.

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