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How do i add a link to my Yahoo 360 page on my answers profile?

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    Try this again, as what you've added to your Y/A profile isn't working:

    By clicking "My Profile" to the upper right of this Yahoo! Answers page, then clicking "Edit My Info" in the top left box on the Answers profile page. Scroll down to the Privacy section and check the option of showing the link to your 360 page. Click Preview button and then the Ok button.

    BUT if it doesn't work (it has been a buggy feature) or the option is missing, put a full link in your "About Me" section. There's no need to add HTML code to get this to work, by the way.

    - Click "My Page" at top of your 360 space

    - Click the drop down menu "Preview as seen by" at the top right of your 360 "My Page".

    - Choose PUBLIC as the permission group and click the "Go" button

    - Click the "Top Page" link above your personal profile picture section on the left side.

    - Select & copy the FULL web address that appears in your web browser's address bar (starting from the http:// part)

    - Paste the address in your Y/A profile's "About Me" section with a space following it. If you have a Simple URL setup, use that instead. Make sure A SPACE follows the address.

    The feature to display a 360 link is usually blocked to users who are under age 18. But it is also just a glitch for others.

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    its very may use other way.. but this way is the easiest...firstly

    go to your answer profile...('about me')

    then put this code(below)

    <a href="your yahoo 360 page url">yahoo 360</a>

    thats all..

    important notes...

    your yahoo 360 page url can be see at above[toolbar]

    for example..."

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