i want to die my hair and get a perm how do i go about doing this?

ok so i havent had a perm in about 2-3 years because i was letting my hair grow back out... now that its the length i want it i want to trim it and die it or rince it a light brown... but i also want 2 perm it... and i dont want 2 put so many chemicals to damage my hair again so what do i do die it now... then get a perm n a couple of weeks or get the perm first then die it???.... also i want to get my hair like this mixed color its really nice its like dark brown with blonde highlights and like strawbery blonde tips how do i do this or will it take time??


but the diffrence is i was younger back then and didnt take care of my hair now that im older its not a prob i jus want 2 kno how much time in between should i wait...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would perm then color. If you perm it and it gets burned then you can make the decision to not color, if you color first then perm it could damage your hair more and maybe even change the color some.

    Your best thing is to go to a stylist and ask them how to do what you are wanting to do. Yes it costs more to go to a salon but it is worth it in the end.

    Source(s): I worked at a salon as a RECEPTIONIST, not stylist and saw many people come in needing repairs done-the stylist really knows what they are doing, trust them!
  • harton
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    4 years ago

    definately no longer blonde if u have asian epidermis, u can pass with golden browns, deep browns, blacks, auburn/redish browns. If you wish to perm ur hair I recommend a house one first, given that if you happen to dont adore it, it wont final so long as a perm from a salon. The nice factor to get a wavy house perm is larger rollers, and be certain you set plenty in, or your hair wont keep. I did a house perm round two months in the past, and its nonetheless lasting.

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    you have to leave a few weeks between perm and colouring

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you should pick your battle... either way curly or color..... If you choose both you will be back were you started, with a very short hair cut in couples months!!! Good luck.

    Source(s): common sense
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