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Those who masturbate, stop having wet dreams and start losing weight. Is that true? Wat is the cure?

Some people complain that they don't have wet dreams any more and they have been told that it was a result of masturbation. I want to know if they are right and if yes, how can they recover ?

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    According to a survey of over 10,000 males by the web site in the second half of 2007, only 60 percent of males have ever had a wet dream. Of them, 54.9 percent stopped having them when they learned to masturbate, while another 20.8 percent continued to have them for a while after they started masturbating, but then they stopped. Only 14.6 percent of males claim to currently have wet dreams.

    In the same survey, 60 percent of males who are experienced at both say they prefer masturbation to wet dreams, 9.4 percent prefer wet dreams to masturbation, and 30.6 percent like them equally well.

    When asked how often they would have wet dreams if they could choose, here is what males who have had wet dreams say:

    Every night, 18.4 percent

    Several times a week, 14 percent

    Once a week, 19.6 percent

    Once a month, 18 percent

    Never, 30 percent

    Here is what males who have never had a wet dream say:

    Every night, 13.1 percent

    Several times a week, 9.5 percent

    Once a week, 13.8 percent

    Once a month, 13.2 percent

    Never, 50.4 percent

    I wonder if the extra large share of males who have never had a wet dream wishing they never would have one isn't sour grapes because they suspect they never will have one. As the author of, I get e-mails from males desperate to have a wet dream all the time.

    However, the notion that masturbation causes weight loss is not true.

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    Wet dreams are extremely common in adolescents and men continue to have them until in their 40's or so. Depending on the man. Masturbation does not stop wet dreams and you don't lose weight from any of it. Stop believing in old wives tales.

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    Wet dreams occur when sperm is not released through masturbation or sex.

    Losing weight has nothing to do with either sex or masturbation. What are you looking for a cure from?

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    I guess if we could figure out everything about our dreams, we would be just a bit too boring. Morally, if you dream about something, I can't see that you are in control at that point. I assume that morality has some part of this issue for you. And many times, a wet dream may not be remembered. Men make babies through biology and plumbing. And arousal. At some point, perhaps while married, you will want to make some. And you will find it helpful if your whole body works. Listen to your spiritual teachers for guidance with your thoughts and lusts. Give yourself a break with the biology over which you cannot control by your mind.

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    Why would you want to have wet dreams it's just a mess.

    And yes masturbation does stop men from have wet dreams because the old semen needs to come out if you don't.

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    that is true. if you masturbate, you wont get wet dreams. but losing weight is not true.

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