There is a I get exquisite authentic tibetan jewelry&art from the Himalayas?

these political frantics have perform a hostile aggressive takeover of the tibetan website by forcing the tibetans to sale flags(P.S.: I dont want to purchase flags). Unbeknowst to the tibetans,these are people who donot care about the tibetans are anyone else-but to find a plateform so they can act-up their incivility(P.S.-look at the other websites around the website, "they"are trying to make a profit selling fake tibetans jewelry&art-unbelievable)

My question is:what can I do to report this injustice of the tibetans website?

And:where can I purchase authentic tibetans jewelry form the Hamalayans?

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    1 decade ago
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    these sorts of things is tough when pple mix politics with culture. but tibet is volatile. hence any avenue to show their tibet-ness is being pursued.

    the genuine site is probably the first one.

    hv u been to tibet? there's more there than these imports. anyway u cant get in now or least till after the olympics

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