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My parakeet humps on me! How do I stop it?!?!?

Hi! I have a male parakeet named Bobby. We have two other birds(untame) who seem to like each other, but Bobby (tame) prefers humans to birds! Yesterday for instanse, when I was letting the birds fly around Bobby would continually fly to my head and start humping. As soon as I made him fly off my head he would fly right back (within like 5 seconds!!!!) and do it again. I made him get off like 20 times in a minuet and I'm not exaturating. It is realy anoying! I can't do anything without my bird humping on me! I mean, I realy like him and he's a good pet but this is going too far and serioudly getting on me nerves. So my question is how do I make him stop humping on me. I have 2 males and a female, and by next spring (when she turns one) I want her to have babies. So far it seems like the untame male would be the daddy but I don't want to totally make it impossible for Bobby to be the dad when I get him to stop humping on me. Please help me!


Sorry if I wasn't specific. Yes, he and the rest of the parakeets are budgies.

Yes, I know he was humping on me; I have looked in the mirror, and also seen him do it on other people (though he does it on me 95% of the time.)

Update 2:

Also we have been thinking that whenever the other pair has chicks we will let Bobby pick wich one wants as a companion. Do you think this will work?

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    You don't. Although I don't know why he's doing it this time of year as it is not breeding season; Spring and Fall. But I hope all 3 birds are not in the same cage...someone will get hurt when the other male comes "in season" As for Bobby, he has chosen you for his mate, so leave the other two together. All you really can do is take him off your head, put him in your lap and play with him--take his mind off of it.

    BTW you can have more females than males together but never more males than females. Also, it usually isn't a good thing to put the same sex together, especially males. And I always wait until my females, no matter what breed, are 1 1/2 years old...it's better for the female as for calcium loss and egg binding.

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    Who says it's not breeding season? My female budgie is acting a bit hormonal, and my cockatiel hen is continually laying eggs with an imaginary mate.

    I do think your boy will benefit from a female companion.

    At least he's a male. My budgie flirted with me so shamelessly that I tickled her back; shortly thereafter she laid an egg. I do not tickle her back anymore! Sheesh! She's 8 years old, really to old for this! But the cockatiel uses her imagination and I haven't figured out how to stop her.

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    you may have an excessively powerful male. my male humps the top of a filled parrot daily, mostly for hours. the one proposal is not to positioned mirrors round probably they get all positive in themselves once they appear within the replicate. and no longer positioned some thing across the cage or in it that he turns out to wanna hump. however a powerful male like that may be tough to wreck his dependancy.

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    you can get him a male friend. what kind of parakeet? budgie?

    plus how can u be sure he is humping you?? have u looked in the mirror whilst hes on ur head?? cause he might just want to play with your hair. thats what birds do. otherwise put him in a seperaate cage and get him a friend

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