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what do i have to do to my engine befor it can be a 383?

i know a 383 stroker is a chevy 355 with a 400 crank but i cant just get the crank machined and made into a 383 crank and put it right in can i?

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    To make a 350 into a 383, you take a 350 block and have it bored .030",which when used with the stock 350 crank gives you a 355. Then, you take a 400 crank and have the main journals turned down to the standard 350 size to fit into the 350 main bearings. Install the turned 400 crank and rods with the oversized pistons into the 350 block and this gives you a 383. you can also get an aftermarket crank that is already sized for this application. There are also special pistons available that allow you to use the longer 350 rods, this reduces the side loading of the cylinder bores so that they wear more evenly.

    One other thing, if you are going to do this, why not take the block .060 over and end up with a 388? You are having the block machined anyway, and it won't cost you any more to go .060.

    For toomarilyn-first off, you forgot a 0. .40 is almost 1/2", you can't bore any stock block that I know of that far. Secondly-a.040 over 350 is not a 383, it's a 358.

    Source(s): Done it many times. I like a .040 over 400 small block better though. That makes a 408.
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    You can get a 400 crank machined for a 350 or you can use an aftermarket 383 crank that is already machined for 350 mains. A 350 has 3.48" stroke, a 400 is 3.75" stroke. The extra 28 cubic inches of displacement comes from the the extra .27" stroke. The 350 has 2.45" mains, the 400 has 2.65" mains which is the reason the 400 crank has to be turned down (machined).

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    you know a 350 bored .40 with a 350 crank is a 383 too.

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    What do you have to do? Hire a qualified auto mechanic/machinist who knows what they're doing!

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    .040 Is Forty over. Not .40 !!!

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