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Flat-ironing my curly hair??

I straighten my naturally curly hair

here's a pic =

but it is always really thick& never gets as straight as I want it

straightened =

Any tips on how to make my hair more smooth and flat when I straighten it??

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    You hair is really pretty curly.

    If you already use a heat protector, then use that. It makes it easier to straighten. Also, use a straightening shampoo/conditioner and a 'serum' to put. I have loreal hot straight, and i use that, then blow dry, then straighten. It helps a little bit. You have really curly hair though, so you may not be able to get it completely stick straight.

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    as bri said, but seriously, why even bother? ur curly hair is gorgeous, plus heat products damage the hair, and ur hair looks healthy and shiny when it's curly, when straight, it looks kinda dry.

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