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how do i stop cravings and boredom eating?

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    I read in a magazine that those cravings usually last about 10 minutes, so if you can find something to keep yourself occupied for 10 minutes you'll forget about wanting to eat.

    Also, try eating ice... it tricks you into thinking you're eating

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    Instead of going to the cupboard to get some food just buy a bottle of water at the store and keep filling it up at the tap. After you finished it about 3 times, you will feel pretty full.

    Other ways...

    Instead of wolfing down your meals e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner, take a minimum of 30 bites and this will send signals to the brain telling it that you have enough food. This will prevent you from needing to eat later in the day!

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    chew gum. if it's a sweet craving, eat an apple, banana, or make a fruit smoothie. it doesnt exactly stop eating, but it's a healthy alternative. eat smaller meals and eat more frequently throughout the day. drink a glass if not more water before every meal, or when you get hungry. sometimes your body is telling you it's hungry when in reality it needs fluids.

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    Try to take up some sort of hobby or activity, such as playing an instrument, photography, fishing, or something athletic such as running, swimming, jogging, tennis etc. Tell yourself that every time I feel those cravings I am going to go do something to get my mind off of it. It works...

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    When you crave something go brush your teeth. The taste it leaves in your mouth will make you not want to eat it.

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    just brush your teeth and keep your self occupied i suggest to watch documentary channels as they have less adverts related to food

    ;-) i am only 14 but know my stuff

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