How to Turn Flash off on Sony A300K DSLR Camera?

I have pushed the flash button on the front of the camera and I get message "invalid selection." When I push FN button, I do not get the choices listed in my manual. I only get 3 choices, none of them dealing with flash on or off. HELP!

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    You need to use it in the P A S or M mode.

    In these modes the flash will only fire if you tell the camera you want flash.

    If you are using the AUTO mode or a scene mode then flash is controlled by the camera.

    P mode is the most like auto except you can over-ride certain functions as required, in this case it sounds ideal if you only want to over-ride flash.

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    that's a result of using the automatic mode. In this mode, everything is chosen for you, and you have no choice in tha matter. If you're outside, the flash won't fire unless it's necessary. If you want to use the flash, just use the Programme, Shutter priority, Aperture Priority, Or manual mode. Whilst using these modes, you don't have to be at the mercy of the camera's automatic flash fireing.

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    i don't comprehend plenty with regards to the Sony A300K yet you are able to attempt this. attempt to get a seat it quite is totally a splash bigger than the degree. Use a great lens, or set zoom to 50mm or much less. Now set your digital camera to the optimal ISO score. Disable flash. Set to shutter precedence and positioned shutter to a minimum of a million/60s. Set to optimal decision (megapixels). concentration on the middle of the degree and lock it by skill of going handbook concentration. From this element on, do no longer touch the concentration ring. Shoot whilst all lighting fixtures fixtures on the degree bypass on or on the least, a reliable spotlight is on the lead singer whilst circulate is sluggish. whilst action is speedy and the lighting fixtures fixtures and digital camera enable, cut back shutter velocity (a million/120s or a million/250s). If the lighting fixtures fixtures are continually reliable, attempt to shoot at a million/massive quantities or bigger if a probability for wrestling suits. those floodlights are so reliable you are able to very very nearly evaluate them to sunlight. continually examine exposure to verify if swifter settings are a probability and choose for it. The good judgment right this is that extensive lenses have extra desirable intensity of field. that's like changing your dSLR right into a element-and-shooter. this could be offset by skill of the great decision you utilize. you're able to do a lot of cropping later and nevertheless, optimistically, have adequate length to verify the matters. many times that's stated to apply the candy spot of the lens by skill of going aperture-precedence yet considering which you're extra limited by skill of lighting fixtures, you need to administration velocity first. Going slower than a million/60 will produce unacceptable blurring. in my view, a smaller yet sparkling photograph is extra desirable than a huge and blurry one.

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    Don't use the "auto" mode ! Just use PASM (as every photographer would do) and flash will be manual !

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