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what to say when meeting a college coach???

okay so im visiting a college campus tomorrow and would love to play soccer there... so i emailed the coach and said id be visiting there and wanted to know if i could meet with him after my tour. and so he said sure and that i should just stop by the office and we'll get together. so now im meeting him, but what do i say and ask about??? also im sure im gonna be so nervous so how do i relax and not be scared?

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    Just try and keep in mind that its just a casual chat, you instigated this meeting and it is not an interview.

    Try to be friendly and polite, and tell the coach how keen you are to be on the team, and come armed with some facts about the team and college to explain why.

    The coach is probably used to talking to potential students/players so will probably tell you all the info you need to know without much probing from you, but have a few questions ready (e.g. how competitive are the try-outs).

    Take a few deep breaths before you go in and try not to over think it, you'll be great!

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    RELAX! You'll be fine what you should do is make a list of 20 this you want about the college. It can be silly things like the dorm rooms not to smell or good food. After making that list think of the academic side of the college. Ask questions about that. (coach's like when a player is someone who cares a lot about their education more than just playing soccer there. ;) ) Try and sell yourself. Tell them what accomplishments you have had with your team and what tournaments you have coming up. Usually if they are a good coach with experience they will have questions for you to help guide you on what info they want. Here's a few questions that you can ask: 1) What are your needs for (year you graduate)? 2) what is your teams average GPA? 3) What is your academic aid like for student athletes? Is it different from other students? 4) When do you play? 5) Where is the farthest that you would travel to for a game? 6) How many practices do you have a week and how long are they? 7) What fitness tests do you have for pre-season? 8) Do the players room together? 9) Do you offer scholarships/financial aid? 10) How much is the total cost for one year at this college? Have fun and if it goes well keep talking to them send e-mails! Try to be annoying as possible so they know who you are and how interested you are about the school. Good luck!

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    Well First thing don't be afraid of him. Smile! Introduce

    yourself. BE YOURSELF!!! Don't pump up your

    Soccer Career!! He has the ability if he finds interest in

    you to have what you have told him checked out.

    He will ask for Coach's Contact Information, etc.

    Please do yourself a Favor!! DO Not Lie about anything,

    or make yourself out to be some superstar player.

    This man has probably heard all the best, and the reason

    he is their coach is that they have found him suitable

    for fulfilling the needs of the University on the Soccer field.

    If you are selected to tryout then its time to really get to

    work. Getting a tryout doesn't mean your on the team.

    A tryout means you are being given the chance to

    show your proficiency on the pitch, nothing more.

    He sees hundreds of prospects every year, the only

    way you will stand out is if you are in shape, and

    capable of playing for a full 90 minutes and then

    some. My prep advice is the same I give anyone

    who wants to tryout for a team. Stamina and Endurance

    are your major priorities. Run , Run and Run some more.

    Run until you hate the word, but do it cause it has to

    be done. Stretch every muscle in your body, be in

    tip top form, because a coast at the wrong time can

    get your name pulled from contention. Eat good,

    Party less, in fact learn that while you are in training

    that partying is a big problem that can get even

    bigger when it gets out of control. Most of all

    Have fun! The Coach is Human, he's not going

    to eat you. So breathe and have fun. Okay!!

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    There's no reason to be nervous, if they agreed to meet you they're probably interested.:] pick out your outfit now, not tomorrow. I'd say "dressy casual". They will probably ask you questions about your grades, interests, and probably some vball stats/info so be prepared to answer those. YOU might want to ask (after they ask you some questions)"Do you think your school/team would be a good fit for me?" " What is the team expectations in academics?"(some small schools really value them). (if you want to play right away..ask) "What are the chances of playing time as a freshman"(or something liike that- im not sure thats the right way to word it) If you get a good feel from the campus and coach.... ask if you can talk to one of the players. &&you will probably come up w/ more questions as you go along, i know when i have interviews/meetings that i do. Good Luck. :]

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    Be really nice and polite!

    Talk about soccer (duh) but don't like over do.

    Ask maybe about that curtain college it shows your kinda interested.

    Occasionally brag up your team but not overly.

    Ask questions about the coach in genral.

    Ask him what his favorite part about coaching is.

    I mean who doesnt like talking about themself.

    You can be nervous but my suggestion is not let it show.

    You need to look confident and professional.

    hope i helped good luck

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