Professionals, what are the biggest misconceptions about singing that you consistantly read in this forum?

Just curious as to what others think.

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    Hi, Ms. Chick. So glad to read your question! =D At last, you finally ask something that I can share my opinions with LOL. Let's see.... well, I'm not exactly a professional singer nor am I a voice teacher/expert, heck I don't even have a background in music LOL, but I do know one or two thing(s) about singing and from my observation, seems to me the majority of people in the Singing section think that singing is something that you can do naturally, it is not a learning process let alone a struggle. That is so wrong! You can have the best instrument in the world but without a good training and continuous improvement, then what good does it do? Just like an expensive exotic car that, despite all the great features and dashy appearance, has no gas at all... what benefits does it give you? Singing, just like any other work fields, needs TIME to cultivate and improve. There are some people who are blessed with out-of-this-world music talent and amazing voices, but even they need to work on what they got in order to be a good performer.

    It often breaks my heart everytime I see questions (mostly by pre-teens who have less experience) like "I wanna be famous. How can I do that?" instead of "I wanna be better at singing. What should I do?" or "I wanna improve my singing. Tell me what I should do?" It seems to me that these young teens only see singing as a media to be famous and have many adoring fans, instead of trying to express themselves in the form of art. Singing is art, we all know that. Blame it on the music industry that fills these teens' heads with images of sexy dancing, skimpy outfits, and good looks, so it eventually sets their mind to think that singing is like that. No, singing should've been about your VOICE, your EMOTIONS, your PERFORMANCE, your MUSIC, your ABILITY TO CONNECT WITH THE SONGS AND THE AUDIENCE, not about your looks and your dancing. Those things that (sadly) have become the #1 issue for people these days are only secondary to the most important thing, which is your SINGING TALENT. And one more thing, like I said above, singing takes an effort. When people (esp. those "green" teens) aspire to be a "popular" singer, they only see the good shiny stuff, the fame... the money... etc. They don't see the hard work behind all of it. This work field is not for the faint of heart. You can get rejections and have your hearts and dreams broken so many times. But if this is what you really want and YOU REALLY WORK HARD FOR IT, then somehow you'll find a way to survive. I just wish more people would be able to realize that so they won't come up with silly questions like "I wanna be famous?"...Oh please!!!

    And one more thing, I often notice people thinking that the best way to start singing is since you were little/teen. Sadly, many people believe that singing career only lasts in your 20's and early 30's so you better start young in order to have a succesful singing career. That is sooo.... not true! You and I both know that many opera singers don't hit their prime until their late 30's and 40's. Many still have glowing careers even in their 60's and 70's. Leontyne Price who is an exceptional singer is still able to carry a tune perfectly in her 80's! Can you believe that, 80's??!!! And so is popular music as well. Let me quote something from the late Aaliyah: AGE AIN'T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER! Meaning: it doesn't matter what your age is, you can sing ANYTIME. Most people don't even know that human voice matures in its late 30's or 40's so eventhough you are not in your 20's anymore, it doesn't mean that you can no longer sing and have a succesful singing career. Don't let the industry fool you by thinking that age 30's and 40's are no longer hot. Of course not. That is so ridiculous. Singers who only survive in their younger age period are singers who only account on their LOOKS and IMAGE, not their TALENT. That's why when they start looking old and wrinkled and flabby and not as hot as they used to be anymore, they become washed-up singers. Nobody wants to hear them anymore because they basically don't have enough talent to back their good looks. And once their looks is gone, so is their career. A good talented singer will still rise even past their 30's and 40's. They will still fill this world with their incredible talent, even become better with age, just like a fine wine. Even if they have already passed their prime and start losing their fans over some younger generation, their legacy is still bound to exist for years ahead. That's the true meaning of a REAL artist. It's not about how you can be hot and sexy for a short period of time, but how you can share your talent and art to the whole world for many many years and people still talk about you for decades for the art that you provided. May God bless these people! =)

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    "The more you practice the better you get."

    That's not true, the more you practice RIGHT the better you'll get. People sing wrong because the practiced bad habits.

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    That being a singer has something to do with fame and money.

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