I am going to an Army JROTC school next year and I was just wondering what kind of stuff you do. I don't really know too much about it so any information about the curriculum and stuff like that would be great. And also how do you think you have benifited from it and what do you think helped you?

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    my husband was in jrotc in middle school and he did a lot of ohysical training teaching you the the military alphabet and the main reason is to get you ready for the military if you decide to go which my husband did and having jrotc and rotc under his belt he started as a E2 unsteas od an E1 like most kids right out of high school have fun you learn so much and teaches you a lot of self control don;t give up you'll become a better person for this

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    You take a PT test, but I am not sure if it is up to Army standards, you learn how to march troops once you get some rank, you get rank fast in JROTC, my son worked with the fancy weopons (twirled them like the marines do) and was at a competion almost every other weekend. You also get more rank if you have done JROTC (get th ememo that proves you did th etraining) if you join th emilitary.

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