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i have an important question about a serious problam wit wettin the bed please dont be mean just answer please

ok my name is peyton im 13 years old and i have a bladder control problam i take the strongest medicen they make but i still wet the bed a lot will some one please give me tips to help from imbarrassing my self when my friends stay or i stay with them im tired of not being able to do any thing with them because im scared they will find out about my issue please please help me and plase dont be mean about it this was really hard to do ... to get on here and ask so please dont be mean but i really need help

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    I wet the bed too, ill try and help as much as i can. with me I don't drink anything after four o'clock so don't eat foods that make you thirsty such as pop corn ect. I go to the washroom before i go to bed, and i have a little watch I bought at walmart, i set the time for 1:00 am and the alarm gose off. I go to the washroom then and wake up dry! (NOTE: not all of us wet at the same times, set your watch for a differnt time tilll to figure out about your wetting time. if you wake up wet when the alarm gose off set it ealier. hope i helped, good luck.

    Source(s): Edit: sorry! as for if you sleepover, if your a girl where the strongest of pads, if a boy where your regulair night underwear and baggy pants. Me i where the pad, where big baggy pj pants, and a LONG shirt, works every time. I just crawl into my sleeping bag :) nobody asked why. If you need to talk to a fellow bed wetter anytime email me at
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    You need to talk to a urologist about this and perhaps a psychologist as well. Get your mum to take you to a specialist urologists to check you out physically; it may be a weak sphincter or some other physiological problem that can be resolved by minor surgery.

    You must also tell your mum and doctor that this is really depressing you and making you feel isolated. It is a vicious circle; the more you worry about accidentally wetting yourself the more you become uptight and the more you are likely to wet.

    a few minor points, which I am sure you know; don't drink 1 hour before bed and no caffeine or other diuretic drinks 3 hours before bed.

    Have you tried hypnotism; it can work for some people.

    Try to chill on this. I am sure that it will all be resolved in a few months.

    Good luck.

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    If you only knew how many kids suffer from this you would not be embarrassed. All my kids had this problem, and believe me, we have tried every trick in the book. One of the causes for this is a sleep disorder, where you fall into such a deep sleep, that your brain cannot tell your body to wake up and go. With my son, we used a very loud alarm, and we also had to make sure that WE got up to help him follow through. He outgrew it at 14. Now my daughter was a differrent story. Her problem was just plain laziness and ignoring her body telling her to get up and go. So to cure her of this, we told her that SHE would have to buy her OWN attends or adult diapers with her allowance. Sounds mean? Well after one time of spending 13.00, she was miraculously cured. My suggestion to you, because they work and they are discreet, is to use large pullups. That way no one will know. Good luck, honey.

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    Take it easy dude. No decent person is gonna rag on you for this. And anyone that does....well you just skip that answer like it wasn't there.

    Maybe before you go to sleep you can make sure you don't drink any liquid for a couple hours. And then make sure you pee good just before goin to bed.

    And also you might have a alarm clock wake you up in the middle of the night to go pee.

    I knew a couple guys who wet the bed as teens. Unfortunately I don't know what they did (if anything) to quit. But they did quit eventually.

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    talking to your doctor would be the best thing to do, also wear disposable underpants if your friends stay over, so that way if anything happens then you can quickly go and change without waking anyone, there are a number of guys that still do that so dont feel left out, and also force it all out before bed, so that way theres less of a chance.

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    They have adult 'nappies' that you can wear that look like normal pants so you don't have to be embarrassed and you can sleep over and not wet their beds. Go to the loo frequently and right before bed. Dont drink anything at all when there. PLUS your friends really shouldnt be looking at your undies anyway so thats all good.

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    Make sure you go to the bathroom right before you go to bed and get an alarm clock and set it for 4 hours after you go to sleep so you can wake up to use the bathroom and after a few weeks your body should get use to getting up at that time and you won't need the alarm clock.

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    Someone suggested no caffeine, which is a excellent suggestion. Our daughter had the same problem, and we took her off of anything with caffeine. We noticed that the bed wetting, stopped.

    Hang in there, I know you will find a solution to your problem.

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    People should not be mean to you, this is a medical problem and you can not help it.

    A friend of mine had that problem and he out grew it when he was 15.

    I am shure you know that they make disposible underware for people like you, and they work very well.

    Talk to your doctor or mom and ask them to help you with this problem and the best solution.

    good luck.

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