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Jewelery For My 18th Help?

Ok well my aunty wants to get me jewelery for my 18th soon.

I really like CC Skye ,Disaya, Jessica Kushman and Disney Couture style jewelery but I cant find something that makes me go WOW cos it's for my 18th so it needs to be special.

Cos my birthday is close to Christmas it cant really be much over £100 cos its like loads in one go with Christmas pressies too. But it needs to be over £50. I've been looking on Spoiledbrat.co.uk but nothing really grabs me. Oh and please don't suggest Tiffany

Any ideas?

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    go t kohls and get big square lense sunglasses, and bangles

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    How about a nice diamond?

    have a look at rings, bracelets and necklaces here. Affordable too.


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    Try Peircing pagoda. They have nice jewlery for everyone.

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