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Is the game kingdom hearts any good?

what happens at the end of the game?

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    yes..its an AMAZING game.and why do you want to know what happens at the end? it just spoils the whole game but if u must know...sora defeats ansem and closes the door to darkness...kairi shows up on whats left of the world as it goes back to the way it was...kairi and sora get separated because sora's journey is not over...and thats how kingdom hearts 2 comes along

    Source(s): beat both games
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    1 decade ago

    in my opinion, it's a great game. i watched my brothers play it when i was little and they liked it too. it's been forever so i dont remember what happens in the end... something about a floating sand platform? it's all fuzzy right now.... i bet if i thought about it for a while i'd remember.

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