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very dry lips, tried everything.?

omg i hate it so much, my lips gets dry and grosse all the time. i`ve tried every other chapstick, lipbalm, gloss and stick :( so like i`lll apply my gloss/stick in the morning, and during the day when i go check in the mirror its all dried up and not glossy anymore :(

please helppppp.

im from australia btw.


thankss heapss

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    the more you use chapstick and stuff like it your lips loose the natural ability to moisturize them.

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    I think you would really like Clinique's ~ Repairwear intensive lip treatment...

    I recently bought it and loved it... It looks great for summer, kind of even plumping the lips with lip liner and nothing else... It is very moisturizing and the color is almost transparent... Blend the lip liner and you got a lip smacking set of lips!

    It is not as cheap at lip balms or chap sticks but will last you a long time...

    P.S. I think too you need to make sure your hydrated well, drinking plenty of water... The most important part of beauty should start from the inside out... We don't realize that like with thinking we need to be stick skinny we are actually not helping ourselves, as an example... The very best way to do anything is by feeding ourselves the proper foods and rest is a must... And on top of that, exercise and a low stress life... Granted we cannot always have it our way, but we do choose how we feed ourselves... So lots of water, veggies, protein, fruits, and whole grains, some dairy and REST.

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    If you've tried everything, talk to your doctor and get a referal for a dermatologist. Your lips are skin too, and so it could be that you have chronically dry lips, in which case, the derm can perscribe something stronger than traditional chap sticks/lip balms. Try to stay away from glosses and lipsticks for now as they aren't really moisturizing.

    Also, apply the most moisture intensive chapstick right before bed (Vaseline, Carmex or Burts Bees work well), and try not to lick your lips while you get to sleep.

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    Rather than using lip GLOSS use chap stick. When my lips are dry, I find lip gloss doesn't do much. Use a really good product that is specially made for chapped lips like Burt's Bees. I love that stuff. If your lips have been chapped for a while though, try going to the drugstore and ask them if they have anything that is made specifically for dry lips.

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    Have u tried The Natural Source Vitamin Rich Lip Conditioner? It comes from Australia!

    It is made from natural sources and works really well.

    Another good one u can check out is Body Shop.

    Your lips are so dry, you have to make a point to keep reapplying before they dry out.

    But I think once you start using the lip balm from Natural Source you'll be OK.

    I have tried many many products too, cos my lips are so dry they peel, but now I am OK.

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    Carmex Is Good It Stings A Bit But Makes Ur Lips Really Soft

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    Chapped lips in a man or woman may well be notably decreased by way of widespread supplements of the B supplements interior the nutrients regimen. The widespread use of those supplements may additionally decrease a bent to advance chapped lips in susceptible persons. via fact epidermis protecting the lips is broken by way of the drying out of the lips, supplements of the fundamental mineral silica may well be used to repair the wear interior the floor of the lips. therapeutic interior the floor on the lips can be accelerated by way of supplements of the fundamental mineral zinc on a on a regular basis or widespread foundation. here herbs and organic treatments given right here may well be used a supplements to decrease chapped lips and drying interior the lips. Use organic drinks of the stinging nettle juice for some weeks at a time to offer the physique with iron, this juice may well be alternated the different day with the organic juice of the dandelion herb. Fifteen minutes in the previous the commencing up of any meal, take 2 tbsp. of the organic juice jumbled in water thrice daily, on a widespread foundation to attempt against chapped lips. besides to this, drying lips may well be helped by way of eating 2 to 4 oz.. of the aloe vera juice, a minimum of three or greater circumstances daily as long as chapped lips impression the guy.

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    I use the natural lip balm from LA Minerals....they taste good and work really good! There also made of natural ingredients:

    Ingredients: Carthamus tinctoorius (Safflower) Oil, Apis mellifera (Beeswax), Ricinus communis (Palm Christi) Oil, Butyrospermun parkii (Shea) Butter, Cocos nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Butter, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Flavor. May Contain: Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide.

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    when dealing with dried lips you have to know what is good to use.

    When you get up in and get ready etc, before you go out where you have to you...

    1. Put Vaseline on (Lip use by the way)

    2. Wear Cover Girl LipGloss on top of Vaseline

    3. Do this evey ten minutes for the dya, and your lips will start to get smooth naturally.

    Source(s): i had dry lips
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    lip gloss always drys out lips. here is what i do because i am not really a lipstick girl but i like shine and color. buy a jar of vaseline and put a little on the top of your hand and mix it with your favorite blush or eyeshadow and than apply it to your lips. you get some color and shine and vaseline never makes your lips dry :)

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    My lips were constantly peeling and I was constantly putting more chapstick on and it turned out that I was allergic to it so I use "softlips" now and it doesn't happen. Lipgloss and lipstick dries out after a few hours... you even have to reapply the gloss of the 16-hour kind every few hours, you're probably drying out your lips by using it nonstop.

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