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what are some plants i should be feeding my pigeons and hens?

Hi there, does anyone feed their pigeons or hens medicinal or any type of plants that are good for them? what about things like raw garlic, any type of herbs? thank you all

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    I usually put a crushed clove of garlic in a gallon of water and let them (pigeons) have it one or two days a week. You will see their wattles and ceres really whiten up with this.

    As for plants --- pigeons and hens will eat a good amount of anything green II've never seen pigeons eat grass clippings, but I used to feed those to my chickens and they munched thru them). Pigeons are more my specialty, so I'll talk about them mainly.

    Romaine, various ice plants, dandelion leaves, etc., they love. When mine were out and the privet was in berry, they would eat a lot of those also -- which frightened me at first since privet is apparently not healthy for humans. DO NOT in any circumstance put any oleander leaves or stuff in for the birds - I had two pet chickens who were dead in about 10 hours because they hopped over a fence adn drank water that had some oleander cuttings in it.

    Pigeons enjoy greens of various types - mine like bok choi and napa cabbage.

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    in the event that they are inflicting nuisance hence of you feeding them on private land i.e they are shidding everywhere inclusive of throughout your neighbours property then you definately could be served word via the council below section 80 of the 1990 Environmental protection Act. If there's a rat infestation because of the nutrition being ignored for pigeons then you definately could be served word below the 1949 prevention of injury via pests act. in case you're feeding pigeons in a public place the council can serve you with a fastened penalty word instantaneous fantastic below the Crime and Policing Act (ASBO appropriate) as that's littereing and inspiring vermin. Don t feed pigeons .. the tip

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    Pigeons will eat seeds plants berries pretty much anything they can get there beaks into from healthy food to rotten and smelly foods anything you have they want.

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