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how do I get Clean Registry out of my desk top?

Clean Registry posted a window that has two questions

1. Would you like to receive Advance Optional Registry or

2. Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin

No matter how you answer this question it is impossible to remove it and send to Recyle Bin

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    you have a rouge program on your computer--you can use CCleaner which has a uninstaller option--there is another software getting rave reviews at and its Revo Uninstaller---

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    Try this reg. cleaner.

    When is your birth day, because when you really want something very good, you should get TuneUp Uitilities rkrkrame suggested.

    You have to spend some money, ok, but for that you have 15 different programs. to customize, optimize, clean up, reg, clean up and many more. It is its money more than worth.

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    Rightly said.

    But keeping in view type of messages , you received, i would rather request (not only suggest), better change your registry repair programme.

    options are

    1.Tune up utilities 2008

    2.Advanced system optimizer

    3.c cleaner

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    Try this website, it is free and it is a very good program to use. I use it myself all the time, and it is highly recommended.

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  • 1 decade ago

    u r right buddy

    u can try ccleaner software which is quite gud

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