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Fox host "Sean Hannity" wants to interview Obama.... Would Sean Hannity do the interview on BET and not Fox?


I hate to even address the 1 or 2 who saw this as a race question.. IT IS NOT! It is not likely Obama would sit and give SHannity (race baiter) the satifaction, but this is an interesting question!

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    I think Obama would hand Hannity his @ss in a basket, just like Clinton did with Wallace in their interview/ character assassination attempt in 06,2933,215397,00.html

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    Hannity said he would have the interview anytime and anywhere. Look it up. Besides, BET is racist and would only hurt Obama. There is only one race, the human race. They have Spanish channels, BET, but what would happen if WET became a channel? You would hear Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go wild. Race is part of the question though buddy, you're the one who put BET in the question so therefore, I am going to respond on what I think about BET.


    Jack D and email2me: You two are just mad that without his teleprompter and his constant change in core values, Obama wouldn't be able to answer the questions. Obama is just a marketing campaign and if Obama even wants to take a stab back at Hannity, why doesn't Obama just answer the questions in one of those speeches of his. Why does it matter where Obama is for him to be able to conduct an interview? Does this mean that if Obama were elected president that he can only make certain decisions or deliver speeches at certain times and in certain places? That's ridiculous.

    EDIT #2:

    aimee c: There you go with more race baiting. You think that all white people stand together with each other on their decisions like it seems black people are on their vote for Obama. I didn't say all white people are right, and I don't know who started BET. If it happens to be a bunch of old white men, then I am ashamed that they are part of such racist behavior. How can having BET be ok but not segregation? Pretty stupid ideology.

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    Why in god's call do human beings use a guy like Hannity to body an mission? what's this Hannity obsession between anti-rightists? i ask your self if the left is established with that it really is they who've higher Hannity to iconic status. Hannity is a weird and wonderful caricature of conservative wondering. for sure not something the left needs to worry yet, they're obsessed. Why not make their argument utilizing a neo-con like Daniel Patrick Moynihan because the pivot? Is that too a lot paintings?

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    Sean Hannity works for Fox, so that's where the interview would be.

    I'm not sure where BET would come in, since it's not a news network. Fans of networks like to see the anchors/reporters/personalities with whom they are familiar, so if Obama were to be interviewed on BET it should be by someone whom BET fans are familiar with. If a large portion of BET viewers are fans of Hannity, then maybe his interview could be broadcast there as well, but as he works for Fox they would be the producing network.

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    You just had to throw race into the question...

    If Sean Hannity is going to do an interview it would be on Fox...

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    Considering that Hannity is under contract with Fox and would be in violation of his contract if he did the interview elsewhere, the answer has to be "no."

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    No, I think Fox would hold the interview. I would like to see Hannity interviewed by Keith Olbermann, or Bill Maher. Better yet, I would like to see him interviewed by a polygraph expert.

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    Why would BET want Hannity? Obama is going to do things that help his chances to get elected, and not boost Fox News' ratings.

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    I guess if he could he would. Getting an interview with a Presidential candidate is a pretty big deal..

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    REAGAN O8 you do know that Bet is owned by a bunch of old white men.Why dont you start a petition and see if They will start WET Tv station

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