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7.8 earthquake! 10 points!!!?

Scientists are hypothesizing the earthquake in southern california to be 7.8. it will happen on the san andreas fault sometime in these few years. i live in the inland empire...and will probably be suffering some dmge?!

I live really close and live in a two story wood house. Do you think it will survive?built in 1970's.

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    California has had seimsic engineering requirements for all new construction as far back as the 1920s and 1930s, but it was after the San Fernando Valley earthquake of 1971 that the California Seismic Safety Comission was created. Aftewards, increasingly stringent codes were implemented statewide for seismic resistance for both new and old buildings. Your 2 story wood frame house, having been built in the 1970s, is likely to have basic seismic resistance design, so it will at least not just tear apart immediately from a strong earthquake. Wood frame buildings generally do very well in earthquakes, complete failure is rare. But the commonest reason why wood frame homes are condemned after a strong earthquake is because of a lack of anchor botls or tiedowns, which can cause the building to slip off the foundations. The wood house that you live in is likely to at least have the anchor bolts and/or tiedowns, since that became a commonplace building code requirement by the 1970s. However, if your home has not been inspected or serviced by a contractor since the 1970s, it's possible that you may have some deficiencies such as having unsecured old water heaters that can fall over during a strong earthquake. If you are truly concerned about the safety of your home, hire a private building contractor or home inspector to look for such deficiencies in order to protect yourself.

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    yes it will survive because it is built in 1970 .they built very stronge bye

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