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A question for Christians?

When's the last time you heard of an atheist doing something like this?



Update 2:

Hitler was *not* an atheist. And what about the shooting at that UU church a few days ago? Remember? The guy was pretty much fed up with liberals......

Update 3:

Links from a reputable site, Nice World?

Thanks :P

Update 4:

(((Purdey and Rammie))))

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    Just because we haven't heard of it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen, with all due respect. It makes for great headlines when a Christian does it, because it goes against the Bible. Scandals within Christianity are always highly publicized.

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    I need stats from prison (any prison) before I comment. Just saying this is a crime "exclusive" to Christians is ignorant. All of the Nations cereal killers were non believers or had a belief different than Christianity.

    Issei Sagawa- an atheist- was in love with his Dutch classmate

    I REMEMBER THIS--HE SAID SHE WAS "LIKE YELLOW CORN"-I can not eat corn to this day!! I am traumatized!!

    (stole your quote Nice World, I am framilliar with this mans work.)

    Source(s): Most Evil on A&E. Dr. Stone.
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    I have to pipe in here....

    this is indeed a terrible crime.

    I venture to say - if we all are to believe word for word exactly what the media reports in all things - we are all in deep deep trouble.

    My thought is, heinous crimes are committed every second of every day. In all the reports of those caught, rarely if ever is it cited what the person believes unless he/she is

    a) a Christian preacher or church leader of some kind

    b) a Muslim / Islamic

    c) some form of Charity worker or member / supporter of a charity

    I find this particular form of journalism very prevalent in American news - and quite a disturbing trend. It's curious to me why any editor would even care what the person believes. The crimes he committed are his alone to stand for, and thank THE LORD he was caught. They have nothing to do with the church he attends or what Christians believe.


    EDIT: Hitler may well have not been an Atheist (I don't believe he was) but he certainly wasn't a Christian. If anything, his beliefs were tangled up between humanism and agnostic. One thing is absolutely crystal clear - he was deranged and deluded into believing he could create the master race - which in essence says he thought himself divine. New research is now being done into his psychology.

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    Any one can kill because everyone has the same nasty sin nature that we were born with. King David killed Uriah (who was one of his top leaders in the army ( by whom David put on the front lines of a fierce battle) in order for him to have his wife as his own. God forgives every believer no matter what but there is consequences from God and our legal system for crimes like these.

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    Issei Sagawa- an atheist- was in love with his Dutch classmate while studying in Europe. He wanted her so much he decided to devour her. So he killed her, sexually gratified himself with her corpse, then ate her over several days. He cooked her body parts in different ways, like frying, baking, boiling and eating raw. He's now a free celebrity in Japan and even edited a cookbook.

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    I've never heard of an atheist per say doing something like that. I'm sure that would be part of the headline. I thought it was interesting he was preaching about forgiveness. ((((Zilla)))

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    "Umm, every day."

    Kindly list (and cite) the atheist murders from the last week. One per day.

    Otherwise I declare you a deceiver, a liar and a false Christian, doomed to the pit.

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    Sick murder happens everyday. Most are not preachers. It isn't fair to tie something this sick to Christianity. I am sure many atheist commit murder as well.

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    And his name was Anthony Hopkins, just like the actor who portrayed Hannibal Lecter...


  • So you think that the right Rev. Hopkins *does* believe in God?

    I find that difficult to believe...


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