What is the best way to learn about a company you are applying with?

I have checked their website and Googled them. I'd like to know more about the company though, such as statistical data, or something that may give me an edge during my interview. Any suggestions?

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    Great start by looking at their website and using google. If you want more in depth info go to Dun and Bradstreet (dnb.com/us) and pull their business report it will have at the statistical info you want. However it is not free.

    Look at the businesses competitors and see what the differences are.

    Also look at leading magazines in your businesses field and see if any articles have been written on the company.

    Hope this helps.

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    One of the prominent ways to learn about a company is to read news articles about the company. You can also check blogs if they exist.

    Another way is by networking with employees of the company. That's a very successful method which is encouraged by many businessmen.

    One of the Darden Restaurants hiring managers explained that the best way to learn about a company is via networking.

    I hope that helped you.

    Be confident in your interview.

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    Check company web site especially it's mission statement, goals, and product,service they provide.

    look at articles, local news, yahoo,

    Ask friends ,family member if they know any info ,

    these days it's very easy to find info about any business.

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    You could phone up and ask for some details from the receptinist, what this does is show the company you are able to is act on own inititive or if you know someone who works for them you could talk to them

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