B&B fans will Eric come out of the coma??

I hope so.

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    1 decade ago
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    he has to, he's one of the main characters..........besides he has to wake up and beat Owen's ar$e!!

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    Yes, I think Eric will come out of the coma. He is the main person to keep Forrester Creations together. You see with him being in the coma what has already start ot happen to the company.

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    He might or might not. Since i don't watch that show much, the only thing i can tell you is that hes a main character and he should. But if he is leaving then they might keep him in the coma and then wake him up with a new actor to play him. You can figure this out by searching B&B spoilers. They usually give you news about the cast leaving or being fired. I usually look at all the pages and I havent seen his name or anything that mentions him leaving.

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    well if he doesn't or if he dies the show would not be the same for sure.when they killed offJohn Abbott on the Young and the Restless that was hard,he was also a beloved character on the show and had been this character for almost all the time that he was alive.but you know the actors who play these parts are getting older and may want to retire and get on with their lives away from the job.even so they will all die, it is a fact of life.when a person dies in real life sometimes they then die on the show because they are so much the character they played that no one else would be accepted in their place.like Sally Spectra played by Darlene Connolly ,i loved her she was great no one could ever take Sally's place.sadly she died from stomach cancer but on the show they sent her to the Islands to retire and have fun ,now that sounds like Sally all right!!.i think her death is hard for the others on the show who were so close to her like the characters of Stephanie and Eric Forester and Clarke and Ridge.Thorn,Brooke and so many others.i would not be surprised to see Eric and Stephanie both leave the show either by death or just leaving like Sally did.i wish them all the best i have watched many of these people for their whole acting career.they are almost like family!! good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    i hope so too. i think Donna made a mistake by firing all of the Forrester kids but some one has to get those Forrester kids under control. Donna can't run the whole company with just her and Brooke. some one with some business sence needs to step in. I think the guy who plays Erick (sorry forgot his name) needs a vacation and he will probably wake up in a couple of weeks.

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    I do too. Donna sorta made a mess but I understand her actions...

  • OH he has to .....i want donna to rule that company.....i hate felecia and thorne and ridge too for that matter......i used to despise donna....but she is my favorite character now.....the whole honeybear thing is annoying but she is a strong girl and takes no crap

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    not sure hope he dose.

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