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The last time we saw Matt Leinart... hot tub / beer bongs?

The last time we saw Matt Leinart he was in a hot tub doing beer bongs with college girls.

Can he grow up & become an NFL star this year & should we just leave him alone on HIS time

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    Matt needs more time to mature, not only in his personal life but as a player. The Cards best chance for the playoffs this year rest with Kurt Warner, Matt will be good someday but not today.

    Source(s): Although I must admit Im a little envious of Matt and his college girls, Hot tub and beer bong! haha
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    Leave him alone!! Who cares? So what if he never becomes a great NFL star? He has a college degree and millions of dollars, which is more than most people have or will ever have...give the guy a break.

    Who's the jealous punk that gave me a thumbs down?

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    these pictures are when is was in college obviously if they came from He already has matured into a great qb for the cardinals and he already is a unknown star that no one gives him credit for being. he has great wide recievers boldin, fitzgerald, steve breaston, and early Doucett from LSU who they just drafted and Leinart has put up great #'s and will continue to do so

  • You're just jealous you're not him (as am I)!! If I was him, I'd be partying it up all the time too.

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