Tried to split my Comcast digital cable to another television set, but cant get past 30 stations.?

Could it be the splitter it's self? When I try and look on the upper stations the tv says the program will appear soon; what could be the problem?


Well I have the box also; the cable is split from the main box to the secondary box and right into the television.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The first 30 channels are considered "basic cable". If you have "extended cable" (channels above 30) you need a cable box to view these channels. Simply splitting the cable wire is not enough to view all the channels on a set. Only what they consider to be basic cable is what you are allowed to view without a box. This is how the cable company makes money by renting you a box for each TV. Sorry about that.

  • 4 years ago

    have you ever tried DISH community or have you ever heard comments? I did Comcast on line sales for a protracted quantity of time, around the time while they first presented their PowerBoost technologies. I additionally had the Comcast Triple Play. enable me assist you be attentive to - it became into terrible! first of all, their digital Voice provider had a lot packet loss and at circumstances, i does no longer actually have a dial-tone. As for their digital Cable provider, that became into additionally an exceedingly great situation. on the time I had it, interior the era of four-weeks, we had approximately 4 or 5 provider calls, because of the fact the cable container might freeze. The final technician that got here out, informed us that they have been experiencing that situation equipment-extensive and that they have been engaged on it. I even have because been with DISH community, and have had no longer something yet stable effects. i'm getting a lot of greater channels for a lot much less. listed right here are numbers for DISH community provider: a million-888-DISH-996 - New consumers a million-800-333-DISH - contemporary consumers

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