Best sawzall for rugged conditions?

I am in need of a cordless reciprocating sawzall for an auto recycling business which often requires rugged and extensive cutting on such things as exhaust pipes, sheet metal, and other such things.

I have already tried the acclaimed Dewalt saw and was disappointed at the cheap design of the battery case.

The battery snaps onto the saw at the bottom held in with two clips, which after much of the shaking that is common among sawzalls they tear down quite quickly. As it is I have a shelf full of useless batteries which have either lost their ability to hold a charge or have had the case fall apart from use.

What I am in need of is a saw with a well built, durable case and a battery that slides on from the back toward the front of the saw.

Does anyone know where one could find such a tool?

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  • paul h
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    1 decade ago
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    I've always liked Milwaukee products....very rugged. Maybe check out some comparisons in Consumer Reports or other trade magazines.

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