Compensation for torn LCL?

I was involved in a motorcycle accident for which I was not at fault. I have already received a check from the other people's insurance regarding the damage to my bike, but I am wondering how much I should ask for compensation for my injuries.

I had the accident 5 weeks ago and I just had an MRI confirming that I have extensive bone bruising and a partially torn Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL).

I have missed about 6 days of work and have had significant pain.

The list of my injuries include:



Bruises to my left shoulder and elbow

Stoved thumb

Multiple right leg injuries:

A dent in my lower calf muscle

A lump on my lower leg

Numbness and tingling to various areas of my lower leg

A partially torn LCL

Microfractures and extensive bone marrow edema

I know that I'll get 'get a lawyer responses' but I just wanted an idea from other people of what would be a reasonable pain and suffering compensation. This is a full torte accident in PA.

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    1 decade ago
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    You are entitled to any money you lost because of not being able to work, as well as any medical expenses. As far as the rest, they sky is the limit. It just depends on the judge you get and how much he is willing to award you. Pain and suffering is a very subjective claim.

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