Tags expired tommorrow, do I go to DMV or inspection site? Alaska plates in NC?

Hello, my tags expire tommorrow, I couldnt find anything about tags on the DMV website so I was wondering if I have to go to an inspection site to get them. (I live in NC).

Also, I have Alaska plates. Will I have to get NC plates to get the tags from NC? We live in NC, however my husband is active duty military (we move ALL the time). Do I have to re-register my car and plates Everytime we move?

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  • Mutt
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    1 decade ago
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    You need to contact Alaska's DMV and see what the procedure is for that state (as long as Alaska is still you home of record). I was in the Navy in the 80's, and had the same issue: My car had MN plates, but I was stationed in CA. I was able to do everything by mail.

    Also, for future reference, you should take care of this before the last day of the month. It does take some time for them to process things and get new tabs sent to you. I don't know about Alaska, but MN has a 10 grace period before you have to have them displayed.

    *EDIT* - You do not have to change your state of residence while your husband is active duty in the military.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    In NC you are SUPPOSED to register your veicle and get a NC license within 30 days of moving into the state. I am not sure if there are any exemptions for military. You need to go to an NC Vehicle & License Plate Renewal Offices to take care of the registration.

  • 1 decade ago

    You do not need to change registration for each State you move to, but you do need to renew the Alaska plates. This should have been done a few weeks ago. Not sure how you will get it done now, and your current registration is not going to be legal tomorrow.

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to the DMV and they will tell you where to go for the registration/plates. While you are at the DMV, you can update your ID and register to vote or become an organ donor.

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  • wizjp
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    1 decade ago

    Start at the DMV.

    If you will be in state more than 90 days, yes

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