Oh ok i have finally decided to say it please read and be honest?

no crap please just read.

I have gone it over in my head many times now and I keep coming up with the same conclusion

my question is how can we honestly expect United not to win the Prem next season i mean they will obvious go after that cup the hardest now who will really stop them?

An Arsenal team that is losing players and have not really impressed in the transfer window thus far?

A Liverpool team who have basically stayed they same and to be honest the Keane transfer has not made me excited sorry i said it but it's true?

A Chelsea team that have an untested manager at the club level and with all the money yet have not landed any key players to be honest Deco erm yea whatever and also has an ageing squad?

I am sorry to say this but honestly Tevez, Anderson and the list goes on how can we expect them not to win it?

please don't be insulted please let me have your views?

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    eventhough i am a man U fan it came as a suprise.

    i wasn't used to fans of other teams saying good about man U

    but anyway u r right and u r wrong at the same time

    we have the best players and the best coach but it is more important to have the best coordination rathher than best players.

    but chlesea i think will improve a lot with their new coach and new players. u r right about arsenal and liverpool, so i think chlsea will be our main contender next season.

    and without ronaldo for most of the first half, we need to find that coordination if we r to win the title again next season.

    i am really worried about chelsea and their coach, eventhough he doesn't have any EPL experience, they might actually give us a chase if they can pull things off.

    things mostly depends on scolari.

    but i would hope us to lift the cup again.

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    There is no way that the prem is done and dusted even before the kickoff. I think that out of the top four the only team that has not strengthened is Man U. They have not brought anyone in and lost out on ramsey to arsenal. Some of their key players (Giggs, Scholes, Neville) are all a year older and being reduced to bit part players. With ronaldo also out for the first couple of months they are not as stacked as you think. These players need to be replaced. Anderson is doing well but he's still no scholes. there is no RB cover and Brown cant cut it out there. Nani is nowhere near consistent enough to cover for giggs or ronaldo. They need some youth to come through if they are going to win it this year.

    Many people are worried about arsenal, but it was the same story last season. the only real loss is flamini, but his job was not highly skilled. someone with a huge engine needs to step in. Arsenal are also getting many players back from injury, including V. Persie who could turn into the most talented player in the prem.

    Scolari is not untested at club level having won everything there is to win in brazil, including the copa libertadores. Chelseas squad is not really ageing. they did lose makelele which is a problem for there, i dont see anyone being able to replace him. they've also dipped into the market to strengthen the squad.

    I agree with your keane analysis, liverpool wont challenge for the title and maybe at threat from tottenham for fourth. their season will once again rest on gerrard and torres's shoulders.

    sorry its a little long, just a few of my thoughts

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    huh, you've surprised me as I continually peg you as a huge Liverpool sympathizer. On point though, even as a Manchester United fan I hope and on some level expect them to win but I believe that the top four have all been strengthened. There is no doubt about it.

    Unless Arsenal make another move I don't see them going deep into the race but then again Chelsea chocked me with their resurgence last year. And many, many had written off United when it seemed that Arsenal had a stronghold on the top last season. Liverpool will be better (though I don't rate their defence much really) with Keane but they'll need to win more matches as their form resulted in many draws last season.

    All in all it really depends on how these teams play each other, i think. And of course no one can afford to get lax playing the Hull's and West Broms. Hope (and expect) United win but it could be anyone's year.

    Source(s): Saves Touz's post...remembers similiar posts before many losses in the past...
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    Chelsea have an ageing squad? Chelsea have a strong squad, but still have young talent in there, they took man utd to the wire last season and will do again this season, I dont think arsneal will win or liverpool, although hopefully liverpool will have a stronger season this season and put up more of a fight. I think chelsea will pip man utd to the post, chelsea have a large squad arguably a few players are aging, but then they have young players also, their age shouldent affect their fitness, they are athletes.

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    Not insulted, everyones intitled to their opinions John.

    Just dont agree with some of what you've said, Yes of course Man Utd are going to go in strong to defend their title, who wouldnt, but it only takes a few draws or a few loses or injuries, and those that are close by shall take advantage of the weaknesses.

    No team are invincible to these problems, so we shall have to wait and see if Man Utd can indeed "do it again".

    As for your comments regarding Arsenal, as you said "thus far", we've still got a month to go before the transfer window closes, its not over for The Gunners just yet!

  • 1 decade ago

    I can only agree with you:

    Arsenal lack an out and out midfielder to partner fabregas with flamini, gilberto and diarra gone, also i'd rather hleb to nasri any day.

    Chelsea lack real strength in the striking department, only drogba can get you 20 goals a season and he only plays well when he feels like it, schevchenko, kalou and anelka have yet to show any signs of really doing the business.

    Finally, Chelsea, Arsenal and especially Liverpool lack any real width, with only J.Cole, Rosicky and Kuyt respectively, who are not true wide players, providing any real width at all.

    Finally, I agree that, while Robbie Keane is a good player, he is not, in my opinion, the complete solution to Liverpool's problems.

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    You are right, but i have a funny feeling that ARSENAL might just do it this season.They have a young squad and a manager who would want to prove something after losing the golden oppourtunity to win last season and you can never forget players like FABREGAS and ROSICKY.

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    1 decade ago

    United will be one of the chances for winning the title but notice "one of the chances".

    I'm wondering how you could judge Scolari this way!

    Chelsea have the most talented squad in EPL and Scolari is experienced enough.

    Which do you think is more difficult to win,

    EPL or world cup?

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like mumbo jumbo to me!

    Liverpool or Chelsea will win the title because they have superior squads...simple as that.

  • 1 decade ago

    you are right but although arsenal lost hleb and gilberto, we still have a strong squad to be able to beat stuttgart who won the german league and our scorers

    Nicklas Bendtner

    Carlos Vela

    Jack Wilshere

    i think arsenal can win the premier league

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