when do you think you can trust someone in a relationship?

i just met this girl the other day and she seems really great and all, but im unsure if i can trust her

how do i emphasise that i like her without putting too much pressure on her

how do i know when to trust her?

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    Personally there can be no relationship without trust...(a romantic one at least). If you like her but don't know if you can trust her, well remain friends. By being just friends there is no need to emphasize your like without adding too much pressure, and you two can hang out. By hanging out and discovering what this girl is all about you can see if trust is an issue or not. Cause if you don't trust her now and you two happen to start a relationship, you'll never relax. You'll start seeing things that are not there (like suspecting infedility). Whereas by just staying friends, she's in your life and your circle while you get to make up your mind if she's worth your time romantically or not.

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    If you want to show her that you like her you can do that without over-emphasizing that. Just do nice things for her every so often and just always show her that you care. Don't do to much though beacause (I hope this doesn't happen to you) she could take advantage of that niceness. An as far as trusting goes, there really isn't a certain amount of time where you have to make a decision about trusting her or not. Just have fun with her and don't think about it, and when you trust her you will know it. It just kinda happens. Hopefully helps you out!

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    trust is precious- you dont decide when to trust someone you feel when you can trust someone. its not as simple as ive known her for a month - i trust her, even after a year- some ppl fnd they still workin on trust.!!!!

    Jus take things slowly- you can tell her you like her without pressure- jus say you like spending time togetha- compliments work a treat- make her feel good and stuff. dont need 2 say "i like you alot"- jus take it ezi- if you start tlkin abt trust thts puttin pressure on her- stuill gettin 2 no eachother

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    i always think trust is earned and you know when you trust someone cause you would trust them with anything including your life : 0 )

    As for letting you know you like her its the smallest things we do that matter and show off more

    Hope that helps

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    just attract her attention by going out with her frens, do not show that u love her. which might make her fren fell for you, and when they fell for you, they will tell the girl that u like. Den at that time u start to woo that girl =) it will be much easiler.

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    if you want trust keep talking to her learn everything about her then she usually is trust worthy .. and to tell her that you like is much easier to do like on email or on phone then its not so much pressure..

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    if u think that she is great u should be trustfull in her or u will lose her

    ps: take sure that she respects u and wont forget that she promesed something (example)

    i wish i helped

    plz put as best answer

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    ok... if you were to ask her if she felt anything towards you and she answers honestly... then you know you can trust her...just drop hints that you like her. hopefully she can pick them up

    help me with mine....



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    you never really no hun till you no.

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