How would you react to this.? Don't laugh.. Ok, maybe?

This morning a girl I work with came up to my front desk and was telling me about her new shampoo, how nice it was and how pretty it smelled. she then asked me to smell it. Which I did.

It was a some what quick smell, Took my hand a reached for her hair and smelled. VERY VERY innoccent.

WELL. our manager just happen to walk up to the desk just as I leaned into my friend to smell her hair She came from behind me ........AND

She thought I was giving her a kiss. It was kind of funny. She was really shoked. I am not sure if she was shocked that a worker might be kissing someone at the front desk or that two girls might be kissing at the front desk..

We did inform her we were NOT kissing, that I was smelling her new shampoo.. Yes, she believed us.. I just thought it was very funny..

How would you react to you boss thinking you were doing something when you weren't.?


OK. people. this was at 5 in the morning and NO ONE was there..When my boss came up from behind she was coming from in the office TO the front desk and I would have had my back to her..

I am NOT on Y/A at work. I get off at 7am

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    I would laugh so hard lol. Then i would tell them the truth and judging by their reactions tell if they belived me if not id like beg for them to belive me xD

  • _
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    1 decade ago

    I'd be embarassed... she obviously loosely believes you could swing the other way! If I saw something I thought might be something, I'd think of alternate things it might have been. Hopefull your boss doesn't pick at you for it! Next time, keep some personal space and waft the scent!

  • 1 decade ago

    aint you suppose to be working? Sniffing hair and asking questions on YA does not look like work to me!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd be embarrassed but that would be it. Sounds like it was a good laugh for everyone.

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  • Court
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    1 decade ago

    I would become really defensive. I had being accused then I am innocent. =(

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