Geometry question concerning triangular prism formulas here, NEED HELP, ASAP!!?

What are the formulas for finding the length, height and slant height of a triangular prism given the surface area?.. Please help me!

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    1 decade ago
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    Triangular Prisms don't have slant height. Do you mean a triangular pyramid?

    Triangular Prism Formula

    Surface Area= 2b + Ph

    (b is the area of the base P is the perimeter of the base)

    Triangular Pyramid Formula

    Surface Area = [Base Area] + 1/2 × Perimeter × [Side Length]

    SA = B + 1/2 P L (cursive l)

    B = l x h

    If you know the SA you can solve for the other variables.

    Triangular Pyramid

    (2SA - lh) / P = L (slant height)

    h= (SA - 1/2 P L(slant height)) / l

    l = (SA - 1/2 P L (slant height)) / h

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    5 years ago

    Formula to find what? if it is volume you multiply the area of the triangle by the height of the prism.

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