If beauty is what you like, what would happen if...?

Imagine to wake up, and discover a strange condition affecting only the most glamorous and beautiful women and girls, and only them. Just everyone, from cheerleaders to top actresses, from showgirls to suicide girls, from supermodels to that leggy shopgirl that makes everyone head turn, find herself unable to speak, but merely able to bark, grunt and moan, unable forever to utter a single clear word, no more able even to write, but to pantomime everything.

As for the "ugly" ones, the girls and women no one likes "in that way" they got themselves gifted with a better voice, albeit still unattractive.

What would happen next?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, certain men wouldn't care, and rape crime status would be CONSIDERABLY higher since the "beautiful" girls would no longer be able to tell anybody (unless they of course, acted it out)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    men will lust after them even more considering they wont be yapping so much....and the uggos will suffer greatly.

    Source(s): jk..... but what kind of question is this anyway?
  • i think men is going to the autodistruction...but...i don't know how to solve the problem...:-(

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