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When people say 'high risk pregnancy' what is the risk?

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    well for my next pregnancy I'll be high risk because with my first pregancy I had my daughter at 25 weeks. So next time I'll be watched closely and probably be put on bed rest so I don't hopefully deliver that early again.

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    well it depends, there are lots of medical conditions that result in a high risk pregnancy... for me with my first i was considered high risk because i developed Gestational diabetes, now I'm high risk again because I'm expecting twins

    when a woman is considered high risk it usually means that they need more care and monitoring throughout the pregnancy... i had more doctor appointments and routine ultra sounds to make sure myself and the baby was doing well

    if you were told yours is a high risk pregnancy you should have been told what medical condition you have developed, if this is the case you may want to post what your medical condition is and I'm sure people can help you learn more about how it may effect you and your baby

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    i would love to know the numbers of these 'higher risks' you know.

    cause if it's NORMALLY a 2% chance, and a higher risk is a 4% chance, then heck, what are they whinging about. sure the risk is double, but it's still really small.

    sigh. things like pre eclampsia, gestational diabetes, low birth weight, high birth weight, pre term birth, late birth, need for c-section, miscarriage, all these are things that can be 'riskier' in a high risk preg.

  • It can depend on many things. My pregnancy right now is high risk. I had a 10lb 4 oz baby before. I also had gestational diabetes before. So I am at high risk for a large baby and gestational diabetes. It really depends on your specific situation. Twins are also considered high risk.

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    Basically it means you're statistically in a group that has more issues with their pregnancy. It's not something to worry about; you may be still in your teens, over 40, having a multiple birth, have a pre-existing condition (i.e., anemia, diabetes) or any one of a number of things to put you in that category.

    It also means you'll see your doctor more frequently and get the best of care. God and your body know what they're doing, don't worry!

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    High risk also means,like toward the end of your pregnetcy, you may have to have total bed rest. My sister did. They had to induce early. Because her blood presure was through the roof. Whatever the diagnois, follow the doctors orders. im sure every thing will work out.To releave swollen ankles, keep feet proped up on pillow.

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    There are so many different things that could make a pregnancy high risk. Diabetes, hypertension, maternal age, plancenta previa, multiples, malformations of the uterus, adnormalities of the fetus, and the list goes on and on.

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