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Condom broke?

My significant other and I were having sex, I used a contraceptive film(though we only waited about 5 minutes for it to dissolve instead of the 15), he used spermicide inside the condom, on top of a spermicide condom.. After five minutes in, the condom broke and we immediately noticed and stopped. So he didn't ejaculate in me. What are the chances of being pregnant? I start my period in a week or so.

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    I wouldn't worry!

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    My dear "Caselol"...

    First of all, I must tell you, that this is such a cute "description" (which I never heard before)...."My significant other"....HOW cute & well "phrased"... Love it !!! However...on your concern...I can ease your mind, because the timeframe is pretty much "safe", if your period shall be here within the next week. You see, the most fertile days are between the 10th & 20th day from the beginning of your period, so you should be "saved"..."this time around". But...for the future, please try to "find" another method of protection. There are a variety of birth-control methods these days (from "the pill" -to- "Chip-Implantations & "God knows, what else") Maybe it would be a good idea to contact : "Planned Parenthood" about the issue, because they are quite competent & can give you some alternative ways of contraceptives. I think, it's worth checking into !

    Wishing you all the best for the future ! Greetings from Germany along with all my love & care... Annette***

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    as you know you have that SLIGHT chance that you could be pregnant. but i wouldn't read too much into it because it does seem like you were trying to take all the right precautions against it (thank you for being responsible also). and also the timing that this happened. it wasnt your most fertile time. so with all that said i would say that you aren't. but if you are still worried and you dont get your period you could always take the test. good luck to you!

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    This happened to me (minus the spermicide) and I am due in 2 weeks. Good luck everyone is different.

    Source(s): Mother of a 4yr old and 38 weeks pregnant
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    very very very low. you should be fine. it is a 25% chance of getting pregnant and that is with regular unprotected sex. wait for your period. also be careful certain stuff can eat through a condom so check the warning labels before putting it with a condom

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    Pretty low. (You are probably past your fertile time and you were only 'unprotected for a moment.)

    Still, if you want to be extra careful, I would take a dose of PlanB. (Available at the drugstore without prescription if you are over 18.)

  • anytime you have sex its possible...those things are only 99% effective and trust me that 1% does happen!!!!! I'm sure your ok but you just got to wait it out!

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    slim to none.

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