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my periods came twice this month?

i missed my period for 2 months and this month they came there anything wrong with me.

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    Periods that are too frequent (more often than every 28 days also called "metrorrhagia") can be related to several predisposing factors:

    If the periods are otherwise normal, then a short "luteal phase" or insufficient ovarian production of progesterone may be responsible. If the periods are inconsistent, then failure to ovulate and the resulting anovulatory bleeding may be responsible. If the periods are actually normal and once a month, but there are episodes of bleeding in between the periods, then mechanical factors such as fibroids or polyps may be responsible. Women with hyperthyroidism are classically described as experiencing frequent, heavy periods. They, in reality, rarely show that pattern, but we usually screen these patients for thyroid disease anyway.

    Early stages of pregnancy might be a possible cause as well, but it could happen if you change your eating habits, are stressed, have a lot on your mind, etc. Our emotions and hormones collide a lot.

    I've experienced frequent periods too in the past that was caused by ovarian cysts.

    There could be other causes for the frequent periods you are experiencing and I would recommend you see your doctor/gyno for further evaluation to see what they think could be causing this.

    Good luck :)

    Source(s): Personal experience due to ovarian cysts.
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    i amnot sure. i have started to miss my periods.. and twice i had my periods 2 times in a month... one was normal, the other was little spotting. i had consulted a gynaechologist... i did some scanning & hormone test.... i was diagnosed with PCOD. u could consult a gynachologist. b'coz missing periods is not good... if u dont shed the inner lining for a long time, there are chances for it to turn into cancer... so better consult a doctor... she would also prescribe u some medicines for ur hormones so that u get ur periods every month...

    take care... dont delay showing to the doctor.

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