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What to do...please help?

I just started dating this guy yesterday, he lives for college in a couple weeks. I'm scared that when he goes we won't last, what do ya'll thing, any advice or stories about relationships like this? Thanks

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    good foundation of every relationships include the following, love, respect and trust. dont afraid to take risk specially when both of u have those elements. goodluck

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    I think now is not a good time to be thinking about a relationship with him.....especially if you only went out with him for the first time yesterday. College opens a lot of doors and opportunities to meet new people and two weeks isn't going to be long enough to establish any kind of solid relationship. I personally would choose not to get emotionally involved with this guy.

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    if he really likes you or love you or you both are in love with each other then there will be no problem. But sometimes there are things that make people go to another person just to enjoy their self or forgets somebody.but honestly if a guy loves the girl so much he always call the girl or having a date. he will do anything for that girl and if this guy do this to you maybe hes inlove with you and the best way is having trust with urself and to that guy

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    Absence makes the heart grow fonder if there is real love. On the other hand, its out of sight, out of mind if the feeling is not real. So why worry now? If your feelings for each other is the real thing, you'll both grow stronger in love. On the other hand, you'll forget each other in no time at all if what you feel for each other is not the real thing. So Cheer up, honey!

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    you've only been dating a day and your already questioning it...i moved half way across the country to go to school, we stayed together until the last two months until i moved home. we didnt talk for two months but i knew he was the one so i pushed him to meet me for lunch and we did and started dating again a month later...if i wouldnt have pushed it wouldnt have happened. Long distance is hard but if you have only been dating one day it may not work

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