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windows problem?

My windows is not booting up.Its indicating that one media is not working.What could be the problem.

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    Start you computer in Safe Mode by hitting F8 as it boots up. Once the computer starts in safe mode (choose safe mode with networking at the prompt - most cases people like being able to go online when in safe mode), test the computer's software. If 'one media' doesn't work, uninstall it, reboot the PC, and reinstall, if needed.

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    Most common problem is that you have a Floppy Disk in the drive and the system is trying to Boot from this. Solution - pop the Floppy Disk out.

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    Do you have like a memory stick plugged into the usb? or any other media device

    If so take it out, and the problem should be solved, assuming that's the situation

  • the best thing to do is to format your PC.

    for help on doing so visit:

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    try to reload your windows software

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