Are bank details actually needed to stop Paypal freeze?

Ok, so today I have received this email from Paypal.

'We've noticed that you've almost reached the receiving limit on your PayPal account. There's no need to worry. This only means that we're required to confirm additional information about you before you can receive further payments into your account.'

'We ask you to complete a number of simple steps before we can lift your receiving limit. If we don't receive this information in time, you would temporarily be unable to withdraw funds from your PayPal account. '

Since I joined in about March, I have received less than £10 into my account, most of which has also been used to buy books for myself. I joined Paypal was because it was an alternative to the credit card and my parents do not find the internet safe enough to use credit details online. I had read the limits and it said with the details it has from me I mustn't receive more than £250. But I've had no where near that amount. Will it freeze my account until it gets the details?

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    Visit the paypal website and see what notices/messages are left on your account there when you login. You want to make sure it is not a phishing email you got.

    Never use a link in an email that requires login for banking or stuff like that. You can never be to safe, navigate to the page manually.

    As for paypal freezing your account, if you are unsure, read the terms of use. Also if they message you and have a warning when you login, they likely do need the information. I trust paypal, and they do have banking information for a small checking account that I use on the side. This allows me better control. They haven't done anything to prove me wrong yet.

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    DO NOT give your details. Go to the pay-pal site don't click on anything in the email. this is a phishing email. they are wanting you to click on the link and they will get your details. Pay-pal doesn't send out messages like this. They will send you a message telling you that your account has been compromised and freeze it but not for funds being low or too close to the point of upgrading the account.

    Source(s): I have had this happen to me.
  • 5 years ago

    Beware of an employer asking for bank details. I have heard that some identity thieves pose as employers to get your details and then have a grand time with your identity. But this is all hearsay, I have not confirmed this with any government website, FTC, FCC or anything like that. The only reason why they should be asking is to set up your Direct Deposit, IF you request it. You should only have to bring a void check from your checking account. (assuming asker is in the U.S. - do not know legal requirements for other countries).

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    The best thing that you can do for the moment is, forward this email

    They will look at the email and then inform you as to whether it is genuine or fraud.

    Please do this.

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