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Are politicians slowly just beginning to realize that the churches groups are being homophobic?

homosexual marriages are slowly being legalized - WOW - after some billion years later.

before you often hear those idiots saying "No, a marriage is a sacred blah blah between man and woman blah blah..."

but now it's becoming legal..

didn't they realized that saying those stuffs were homophobic??

And why would you make a workplace law about not being biased on a person's sexuality and not apply it to every aspects of society?

why did they think the churches had ANY right to deny homosexual marriage just because they own the place? They are never above the law and refusing to give same-sex couple a ceremony is just as law-breaking as an employer who refuses to employ an employee just because he/she is a homosexual.

My question is, of course, are people just slowly starting to realize this???????????

after some trillion years later..?

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    Dear Friend,

    Christians are not Homophobic, just because we have a differing viewpoint to yours. Are you not being intolerant to Churches by saying that, the very same behavior that you condemn us for?

    Christians believe that it was not gods intention for us to be in same sex partnerships, and that this is only because God wants the best for us. True Christians are not hateful towards homosexuals, We love them and pray for them. We are all sinful and are no better than they are. But Churches have every right to opt out of being used for same sex partnerships, if it is a matter of faith for them to do so. And if the law was bought to bear upon a church for this reason, then the Christian should do whatever god has placed within their hearts to do.

    God Bless

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    I wasn't aware there have been homosexuals attempting to marry eachother for trillions of years.

    But anyways, up until the past 15-20 years, there wasn't really any kind of homophobia. By that I mean what is called "homophobia" today was not called anything back then. It's only been in the past 30-40 years that homosexuality has even been made legal in a lot of places. So what would today be called homophobia was simply supporting the law at that time.

    The majority of the world's religions are against homosexuality. In some cases, that opposition has existed for over 2000 years. That's not going to change just because a portion of the public has changed their minds on the issue.

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    Its amazing. The earliest marriages for which we have any reliable record are those of ancient Greece. They were civil partnerships, and they were also available to samesex couples. Homosexuality was not looked down on then, but was seen an interal part of society (and regarded a healthy part in the military, where it was seen to lead to stronger bonds between battlefield soldiers).

    Then the religious got their hands on it. And for well over 2,000 years people born homosexual have been persecuted, victimised, tortured, isolated, discriminated against, libelled and generally horifically treated. Were 1/100 of 1% of this treatment meted out to the average Christian they would instantly claim persecution in the name of their faith, and run to the human rights courts.

    Finally, gay people are standing up and being counted, and it is aparent the lies that have been told and it is increasingly apparent the suffering they have been put through.

    Those who have caused this suffering are the most shameful people to have ever lived, with no morals worth thinking of.

    ANd you are right, finally the politicians are waking up to the fact that they have been pandering to these immoral bigots for far too long.

    I would not dirty my feet walking on the same ground as some of these Christians. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Actually, you're missing the larger issue...

    It's not within the federal government's authority to be handing out goodies -- like tax breaks to married couples -- based on a person's lifestyle, to begin with. That's what they call "social engineering" -- a carrot-and-stick method to try to force people to behave the way you want them to -- and it is beyond the legitimate scope of government.

    Homosexuals are only having to fight for this "right" in order to even the playing field; because right now, their tax dollars are going to subsidize the lives of straight married couples.

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    No, I'm pretty sure they've been aware of it for ages. The 'God hates fags' signs were a giveaway.

    As for the recent developments in gay rights, the government is simply realizing that a lot of people are against homophobia.

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    Of course they realized it, but votes are the politicians' life blood. A homophobic society must be pandered to if one wishes to stay in office.

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    no, I think they are slowly realizing that gay people vote and that there are quite a number of gay people who have a lot of money (which they might be enticed to part with to benefit a political campaign...)

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