So maybe the Breaking Dawn spoilers aren't true (USA Today article)?

I can't call myself a rabid Twilight fan, but enough of one to think that the spoilers that have cropped up are filled with fail and aren't anything like the rest of the series. Anyways, the USA today article says:

Right now, fans are more focused on her new book. Unlike the final Potter book, copies haven't leaked out.

What do you guys think of that? An old article, denial, or are the spoilers just untrue? Just curious about opinions.


I didn't mean that they weren't her writing. I meant that the book which had a pretty decent plot is slowly spiralling into some sort of fail fest. I mean, Nessie...seriously Wtf?

Update 2:

Seriously, I haven't read the scans (fear of viruses), but I've heard a lot. Like that Edward turns into some sort of sex-fiend and destorys beds and crap. xD I still hope the spoilers aren't true, but if they are I'll just buy it and read it for a good laugh.

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    I have more faith in SM than this supposed epilogue. I will be infinitely disappointed if this is real. I just can't imagine that SM would write something sooooo substandard and cheesy compared to the rest of the series. The main reason I don't' think these spoilers are true is that the info does not add up these spoilers are completely contradictory to the plot. Vamps have no bodily fluid besides venom. Not to mention, how would the baby age? Also, how would Bella's body nurture a baby if she is turned just after she gets pregnant? None of it makes since. I could go on and on.

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    theyll be suprised at how many scans have leaked out

    edit-- okay download the scans that have leaked out and then tell me that isn't Stephenie Meyers writing, I know her writing and it just has Stephenie all over it. you can easily find the first whole seven chapters of scanned pages on Y/A from someone whos willing to give them to you.

    yeah like caro said they are all true lol sorry even nessie's true and nessie means lamb. does that not remind you of a certain quote???

    edit-- yeah lmfao thats what i first thought when i heard about nessie, I was like eww what the hell is steph thinking but then reading the first 7 chapters it all made sense.

    edit-- lmao nah i think bella becomes the sex fiend, she keeps pushing edward into it trying to wear skimpy **** to get him in the mood and yes edward does destroy things like bedposts and pillows hah

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    The article is in todays paper so it's not really old....I think it's either denial, they don't know about it, or all the spoilers are fake.

    I would tend to lean towards them being fake since everyone is so pissed off about them. I don't think Meyer would do something that everyone is gonna be pissed about...see what I mean? Also I looked at the supposed scan with "Nessie" on it and it looks like someone typed a page and taped it in one of the old books.

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    i think the nessie thing was made up by someone who did a lot of research. i meaan he was obviously smart enought to come with a name so believable that people would actually fall for it! it hust doesnt follow the normaal twilight guidelines. i mean she has a child! there was never any hint to thaat! i know that she didnt saay that vamps and humans couldnt have kids, but did she need to? come on guys, use some sense!

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    i think that some of the books have been leaked out. but i don't think that the spoilers are true because it is mostly just fans making stuff up, but some of the gusses might just happen to be right but i think that it would just be a coincidence.

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    sorry guys, the spoilers are 100% true

    edit - I swear, Stephenie just wanted to keep a lid on this so that people would still buy the book. honestly it is the worst/most unintentionally hilarious thing I have ever read in my life.

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    I think the ones about Nessie are untrue! =(

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    sorry. i just needed to scream.

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